Visions Healthcare


Dear Valued Patient,

This is a letter I never thought I would be writing. After seven years of providing functional and integrative medicine services to thousands of patients, I regret to inform you that Visions HealthCare closed its doors August 21, 2015.

Please be advised that at this time, you must make new arrangements for your healthcare. You may stay with your current doctor, and follow him or her to their new place of practice, or find a new doctor. While some of our providers already have plans to practice elsewhere, others are still in the process of determining their next steps. We have included the new practice information that we are aware of, as well as referral resources, at the bottom of this page and will update our website regularly with this information as it becomes available. You may also contact your insurer for information on finding a new doctor.

Medical records are now being fulfilled by an outside fulfillment company called ChartRequest.

To request your medical records from ChartRequest, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

For time-sensitive medical records requests, please call ChartRequest directly at: (888) 895-8366.

For questions or requests that do not pertain to medical records, please email:

Your medical records will be maintained for at least seven years by Visions HealthCare (or until children reach the age of 18). Should records be transferred to an external records custodian in the future, contact information will be provided on our website.

The membership program was terminated permanently effective August 21, 2015 and no additional membership fees were collected, effective July 14, 2015. Pro-rated refund requests will be considered to the extent there is funding available, after all operational obligations have been met.

Your insurer may require your new primary care physician to reorder any referrals that your Visions doctor ordered to outside medical providers. Additionally, referrals made by outside medical providers to Visions providers will no longer be valid following our closure.

On behalf of the entire staff at Visions HealthCare, thank you for being part of our community. It truly has been a privilege to care for you.

In gratitude,
Edward Levitan, MD Founder
Edward Levitan, MD Founder